Sunday, May 23, 2010

Touring in Xi’an

Today we learned more about the history of China by visiting the Shaanxi History Museum which contains many items collected from the area of historical note.  Xi’an is the China end of the Silk Road and so had a great deal of interaction with the West. 

clip_image001Pot with dragon handles in the Shaanxi museum.

clip_image002Bells in the Shaanxi museum.

We also visited a local park in Xi’an which has the Wild Goose Pagoda as its centerpiece. The pagoda is park of a Buddhist monastery.  The park surrounding the monastery also had many statues and also included the largest water fountain in Asia.  Three times a day, there is a fountain show that is coordinated with music.  During the show many people (including several  of  our students) run through the fountain. 

clip_image003Wild Goose Pagoda.

clip_image004 Statue near the Wild Goose Pagoda.

clip_image005 Sign in the park.

clip_image006Fountain show.

The final stop was the Muslim street near the Drum Tower in Xi’an.  This street is known for its plethora of restaurants and shops.

clip_image007Shopping street near the Drum Tower in Xi’an.

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