Monday, May 31, 2010

Monday in Beijing (The Last Day)

Monday, our last full day in Beijing, has been designated the shopping day  for the students.  Those that want to go shopping will be able to finish purchasing the souvenirs.  The students are heading back down to Dashilan and Qingmen for shopping, which is south of Tiananmen Square.  The subway from the hotel (which is a two minute walk from the hotel) goes to Qingmen with only one train change needed.  The students had a successful shopping trip, returning with gifts for various people back home.

clip_image001Entrance to Dashilan.

clip_image002Sunday shoppers on Dashilan

clip_image003Sanitation equipment on Dashilan.

clip_image004Street food vendor.

clip_image005Father and daughter on Qingmen St.

Some of the students have also been joining me for tai chi in the morning.   I also to took the opportunity to call upon my tai chi teacher’s teacher in Beijing, Liu laoshi.  I had to opportunity to meet with him twice during my stay in Beijing for afternoon tai chi lessons.  At his apartment in northwest Beijing, I also met with another student of his, Jeff,  who had just arrived from Seattle where he teaches Chinese at the University of Washington.  It was an honor to have a tai chi lesson from the master in Beijing.  It was  very gracious of Liu laoshi and his wife, Jiang laoshi, to open their home to me.

clip_image006Beth Arthur and Michael Garver practicing tai chi in the morning.

clip_image007 Push Hands with Liu laoshi at his apartment.

clip_image008Jeff, Liu laoshi, and myself.

After one last tour in the morning, we leave for the airport and home.

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