Tuesday, April 7, 2009

New Dandy Roll on the #1 Papermachine

The new dandy roll for the #1 Papermachine was delivered and installed today.  The roll, reflecting the new logo being used at the college, will be used in the student papermachine run tomorrow in order to make the stationery paper to be used by the department and perhaps even more generally by the college. 


The roll was delivered by Bob Johnston, Vice President, and Robert Van Tassel, Sales Engineer, from the Johnston Dandy Co.  The local division of Johnston Dandy Company is E.F. Cook Co.  We are extremely pleased with their generosity, as this is at least the second dandy roll that they have provided for us over the years. 


In the papermaking process, the dandy roll is the piece of equipment used on a papermachine to impart a watermark onto the sheet.  The students tomorrow will need to make adjustments to the machine in order to appropriately mark the sheet with the dandy roll.

While they were visiting, Mr. Johnston and Mr. Van Tassel took the opportunity to speak with the students on watermarking and answering their questions.  The students got the opportunity to look at a number of different watermarks produced by Dandy Rolls made by Johnston Dandy Company and how to best make the dandy roll work.  We are again very appreciative of the support of Johnston Dandy Company and all of our corporate, alumni, and other supporters.



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