Friday, May 15, 2009

Congratulations Graduates

Last Saturday, 7 students graduated with their B.S. degree in either Paper Engineering or Paper Science.  (We expect our first graduate in the Bioprocess Engineering program next May).  The graduate were:

Jeremy Bower
Tor Goettsche
Casie Goodwin
Lorie Kline
Aaron Kosinski
Michael Marchese
Christopher Wood

We wish these graduates well in starting their careers or their continuing education.  Many of these graduates joined us for a breakfast reception prior to the ESF Convocation on Saturday, 9 May 2009.  This was an opportunity for the family and friends of the graduates to meet the faculty and staff that the students have been interacting with over the past four years.MikeMarcheseMegan BiljanaTorJohnnieLee CassieGoodwinFam AaronKosinskiFam

In addition to the conversation, a slide slow of the students in action during the senior paper machine run was shown.

IMG_4514 IMG_4535   IMG_4557 P1016981 P1017023 P1017038

Best wishes to the class of 2009!

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