Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Senior Paper Machine Run

The senior class and graduate students are running the #1 papermachine today as part of PSE 468 and ERE 679 (Papermaking Processes).  The grades of paper being made today are folder stock (like manila folders except dark blue in color with silver sparkles) and coaster paper (beermat if you are of an English persuasion). 

The students have been working on this project since the beginning of the semester in January, developing the grades of paper, understanding how they are made, and performing a trial run on our #2 papermachine earlier in February.  Using what they learned in the laboratory and from this machine run, they determined the furnish, acquired the chemicals from the suppliers and determined how to make these grades on our machine.  Overall today they will be making over 1000 lbs of paper. 

The pictures below show the students in action on the machine.





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