Monday, September 29, 2008

SCA Tissue

  The interview schedule continues this week with SCA Tissue giving an evening program on 25 September and interviewing for summer and permanent jobs on Thursday.  The evening program gave students an introduction to SCA tissue, which produces various tissue products from 100% recycled material.  In addition to their location in South Glens Fall, NY, they have locations in Wisconsin, Illinois, Alabama, Arizona, and worldwide including Mexico and Russia.  The company headquarters is in Sweden.

Charlie Pound ('00) is the Fiber Prep Superintendent at their South Glens Falls location.  In addition to telling the students about SCA, he told the students about his career and how he ended up at SCA.  he also gave some very good and direct advice on interviewing skills and resume preparation.  Joan Lang is a Human Resource Generalist at the same location.  She discussed the history of the SCA mill in South Glens Falls and some general information about the company.  She also had some very good advice about interviewing and doing a job search.

The opportunities for both summer internships and permanent positions continue to come into the SPPF office.  We are anticipating a very good year for placement of students.  The jobs seem to be there for those students participating in the interviewing process.

DSC_0256Joan Lang discussing the opportunities at SCA Tissue.

DSC_0259Charlie Pound ('oo) discussing his career at SCA Tissue

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