Tuesday, September 2, 2008

2008 Joachim Award Winner

Keith Van Scotter is the 15th recipient of the prestigious Herman Lewis Joachim Award for Excellence in Management, which will be presented to him on October 16, 2008 at the Syracuse Pulp and Paper Foundation’s Director’s dinner. The Joachim award is given annually to an executive whose career and achievements have been outstanding in the pulp, paper and allied industries. It is given both as a tribute to Dr. Joachim and a means of providing significant role models to young people entering the paper industry.

Mr. Van Scotter is the President and CEO of Lincoln Paper, a single mill operation that is the leading manufacturer of specialty napkin parent rolls and uncoated free-sheet printing papers. The company was formed out of bankruptcy in 2004 and with Mr. Van Scotter’s guidance has performed as an industry leader.

Mr. Van Scotter also plans to speak with the Paper and Bioprocess Engineering Students at the Student Forum at the Syracuse University Pack Room at 5 pm on October 15. Dinner will be served and all are welcome. Call Linda Fagan at 315-470-6592 for details.


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