Friday, September 19, 2008

Albany International on Campus

This week, Albany International was visiting and interviewing students on campus.  Albany International makes paper machine "clothing", which includes screens ("wires") and felts used to continuously make paper and to transport it through the machine.  They have locations in Homer, NY, Albany, NY, Wisconsin, Tennessee, South Carolina, and in 14 countries around the world including Hangzhou, China.

Chris Haverlock was visiting from the Menasha, WI plant, having graduated from our Paper Engineering program in May 2008.  He has been on the job for only four months and is enjoying his job that includes both engineering and research.  Chris originally worked for Albany International during one of his summer internships, which subsequently led to him being hired permanently after graduation.  Jeffrey Eggert, also a graduate of the Paper Science and Engineering program at SUNY-ESF, is the Manufacturing Manager at the Homer plant, which makes the monofilament strands that the wires are made of. 

As with last week, the students learned about the company first hand from our graduates, so that they could go into the interview process prepared.   We are finding that the job market this year is very strong, both for internships and permanent positions.

DSC_0178 Chris Haverlock describing Albany International.

DSC_0184 Jeffrey Eggert and Chris Haverlock answering questions about both summer and permanent positions.

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