Monday, June 2, 2008

Yonghe Lama Temple

Monday brought us our second day of sightseeing in Beijing.  We are getting the whirlwind tour of many places in Beijing; many of these places could be a whole day in themselves to explore.  What this will let us know is what to spend more time on during the next trip to China.



Our first stop this morning was the Yonghe Lama Temple.  This is the largest temple in Beijing and was built in 1694.  The temple is noted for being the residence of Yongzheng, who was the third emperor of the Qing Dynasty.  It also contains the largest wooden Buddha in the world that is carved our of a single piece of wood.  The sandlewood Buddha is over 16m tall and is listed in the Guinness Book of World Records.  As photographs could not be taken inside the buildings, I cannot show you a picture of the Buddha.

This fountain represents the seven levels of hell on the bottom just above the water.  Above that is the earth, the constellations, and on the top the house of heaven. 


The temple is currently under renovation, as the rest of China also seems to be.


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