Tuesday, June 3, 2008

The Great Wall

The second destination today was the Great Wall of China.  At one time, the Great Wall stretch for over 10,000 km and was built to prevent invasion from the north by the Mongols.  Although it was a rainly and foggy morning, we braved the wall to make our ascent to the highest watch tower.


This portion of the wall is called the Juyongguan Pass and is near Badaling, the most popular destination for visitors to the great wall.  The wall climbs over a 1100 feet in elevation at this point in just over one-half mile.  This represents an average grade of over 40%.  The ascent consisted of steps, inclines and periodic watch towers.


Looking back from the second watch tower, you can get an idea of just how steeping the wall rises at this point from the river valley below.


The highest watch tower on this point on the wall is being defending by Dennis, Steven, and Timothy.


The views from the top were simply incredible; we could only wish that the weather had been a bit clearer.


Two hours was not enough time to explore a great deal of the wall.  If you come, you should plan on spending at least a day here exploring different aspects of the wall.

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