Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Our Final Day in Beijing (and China)

Our trip is nearly coming to an end; early tomorrow morning we head to the Beijing Airport for our flights back to the United States (except for Timothy, who is going on to Hong Kong for a few days).  While Dr. Liu and I visited the Beijing University of Forestry, the students had a free day which they spent exploring on their own and doing some last minute shopping. 


The final challenge of the trip will be to repack the bags with all the souvenirs and gifts that have been purchased.  It has been an incredible trip for the students and the faculty advisors alike.  We wish to thank all the people that helped us along the way to make this trip possible and unforgettable.

This final set of pictures are from the streets of Beijing.  It is  quite amazing what can be transported on a bicycle other than just people (and sometimes it is just people).

 CSC_0277 (A cartload of stuff)

CSC_0278 (A baby on the back)

CSC_0279 (A boy in a car seat)

CSC_0280 (A large sign???)

CSC_0281 (A girlfriend and shopping bags)


The parks are often gathering places for the young and the old alike.  This gentleman is flying a kite on a 50 ft wide boulevard between two busy streets. 


Chinese chess is another popular game in the parks along with simply going for a walk.


For our final dinner, we gathered at a restaurant for a dinner of Beijing Duck, and of course several other dishes.  Here we are for our final China picture in front of the restaurant.


Most of us will be arriving in Syracuse on Thursday evening at 8:23 pm, flying our of Beijing and through Tokyo and Detroit.  Alan is flying directly to Boston while Timothy is going to Hong Kong for a few days before returning to the United States.  While we enjoyed our time in China, many of us are looking forward to our return. 

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