Wednesday, May 14, 2008

On Our Way To China

We are on our way to China. We are currently waiting at the Syracuse Airport for the first leg of a three-flight trip that will take 26 hours. You may have heard of the earthquake that hit Chengdu on Monday, which was one of our destinations. After much discussion and thought, we are going ahead with the trip with an adjusted itinerary that will keep us in the coastal areas and away from the affected areas. The first four days of our trip will be spent in Guangzhou in the south of China. Our trip ends with four days in Beijing. The middle part of our trip will be settled when we get to China. Dr. Shijie Liu is already in China and looking into alternative arrnagements.

While the students are in China, they will be taking a course from me: "Principles of Mass and Energy Balances." However, the trip will also include a number of sightseeing opportunities and cultural exchanges with students in China.

The students are excited to be going and we will be in touch via a number of different mechanisms including this blog.

---Gary M. Scott
---Professor and Chair

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