Monday, May 19, 2008

Friendship and A Moment of Remembrance

The students had their second day of classes today are seem to be doing very well after a night on the town. A number of students from SCUT took our students out for dinner and a chance at some conversation. They enjoyed their experience very much and brought back some pictures that they wanted to share.

Today we met the director of the Key Laboratory for Pulp and Paper Engineering, Dr. He. He has been very gracious in allowing us to use his facilities and will be making arrangements for us to visit a local paper mill. He also took us out for lunch together with his wife and a number of other faculty members from the department.

The big event today was the moment of remembrance for the victims of the Sichuan province earthquake, which happened one week ago today. China has declared three days of mourning for the victims starting today. This afternoon at the same time that the earthquake hit, sirens sounded across China and everybody stopped. Around campus, those inside stood quietly on the balconies while cars and pedestrians stopped moving. In addition, all the flags in China are flying at half staff for three days.

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