Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Paper Bridge Contest

The students in PSE 300 (Introduction to Papermaking) engaged in a paper bridge building contest as part of their course (http://www.esf.edu/catalog/PSE.asp).  The students had to build a bridge primarily out of paper or paperboard that could span a distance of 2 feet and hold weights at the center of the span.  The goal of the exercise was have the highest ratio of weight held per weight of the bridge.  A number of different designs were created and tested with some bridges holding over 20 pounds of weight. 

This course is the introductory course in the technology and engineering of papermaking for those students in the Paper Engineering and Paper Science programs at SUNY-ESF.  Paper Engineering is our ABET-accredited engineering program on campus that is essentially a chemical engineering-based program for the paper industry.  However, students that graduate from the program can go on to careers with non-paper companies such as chemical companies, equipment suppliers, as well as working for the paper industry.  Some graduates have also gone on successfully to graduate school in a number of different fields.  Starting salaries for graduates from our program in May 2009 had an average starting salary of $67,000.

Please explore our website (www.esf.edu/pbe) for more information about our programs.

Paper Bridge Contest 002

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