Tuesday, October 13, 2009

2nd Annual Paper Airplane Fly-In

The students in the Department of Paper and Bioprocess Engineering (www.esf.edu/pbe) held their 2nd Annual Paper Airplane Fly-In, where students, faculty, guests, and sons and daughters of faculty and students created paper airplanes.  The planes were subsequently launched from the bridge connecting Walters Hall (http://www.esf.edu/welcome/campus/walters.htm)and Bray Hall onto the East Quad.  D09J3576

The students were going for distance as well as accuracy towards a target about 30 feet away from the bridge on the back of the statue of Lincoln. 


Once again, a number of different designs were seen including a recreation of the largest paper airplane that was seen last year.


It's flight was just as "spectacular" as last year.


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