Saturday, October 16, 2010

1st Annual 3K Paper Run

Saturday morning, 16 October, was the running of the 1st Annual 3K Paper Run sponsored by the Papyrus Club of SUNY-ESF.  The event was held in conjunction with the celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Syracuse Pulp and Paper Foundation (SPPF), which has provided over $3.6 million dollars in scholarships since 196j0 to students studying in the Department of Paper and Bioprocess Engineering (PBE). 

The course begin by the famous Robin Hood Oak between Walters and Bray Hall before proceeding into Oakwood Cemetary behind the campus.  After looping through the cemetery, the race finished behind Walters Hall.  Seventeen people braved the cold, windy weather to complete the course.  The participants included 9 PBE students, 4 PBE faculty members, 1 director of SPPF, and several relatives of students and faculty.

The winner of the race was Pavlev Bujanovic, the son of Dr. Biljana Bujanovic, a professor in the PBE Department.  Tom Forte, and Steven Tyrell, students in the PBE Department, finished 2nd and 3rd.  The top faculty finisher was Dr. Gary Scott, the chair of the department and Steve Lachasz was the top finisher among the SPPF Directors.  The complete results are given below. 

2010 3k Paper Run 002 Team Zipprich before the race.

2010 3k Paper Run 004 The blazing start.

2010 3k Paper Run 008 Some Finishers.2010 3k Paper Run 009 2010 3k Paper Run 010 2010 3k Paper Run 0182010 3k Paper Run 019 2010 3k Paper Run 021

 2010 3k Paper Run
16 October 2010

Bib Number Time Name
208 0:11:30 Bujanovic, Pavlev
209 0:11:34 Forte, Tom (PBE student)
203 0:11:43 Tyrell, Steven (PBE student)
202 0:12:28 Zipprich, Derek (PBE student)
213 0:12:39 Rimmer, Tom (PBE student)
204 0:12:55 Zipprich, Caryle
214 0:13:03 Streczywilk, Chris (PBE student)
201 0:13:27 Scott, Gary (PBE Faculty)
212 0:14:06 Whitman, Dennis (PBE student)
205 0:14:50 Lachasz, Steve (SPPF Director)
211 0:15:01 Dimarco, Dan (PBE student)
215 0:15:33 Murphy, Andrew (PBE student)
210 0:17:27 Doelle, Klaus (PBE Faculty)
216 0:20:51 Planter, Corey (PBE student)
206 0:21:08 Bujanovic, Tomislav
217 0:21:21 Lai, Yuan-Zong (PBE Faculty)
207 0:22:32 Bujanovic, Biljana (PBE Faculty)

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