Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Marbling with Mimi Schliecher

This week we had the pleasure of having Mimi Schliecher with us to demonstrate paper marbling.  Marbling is a surface art form that transfers floating inks to paper.  In the process, ink of various colors are floated on the surface of water and moved into designs using various rakes and combs.  A print of this ink is made by lowering a sheet of paper onto the surface to make a unique print of the design.  Marbling as an art form reaches back to Turkey and perhaps as far back as Japan and China from many hundreds of years ago.

During her visit, Mimi helped students in PSE 201-The Art and History of Papermaking- design and make some of their own marbled paper.  In addition, a workshop was held were various members of the campus community were able to also try their hand at marbling.

If you want to learn more about marbling, please visit her website at

 DSC_3391 Mimi Schleicher

DSC_3389  Mimi's work

DSC_3388 Mimi's work

DSC_3386 Artists at work

DSC_3369 Artists at work

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