Friday, February 13, 2009

Albany International and Kadant Johnson

The students in the senior papermaking course are well on their way to creating and producing their four grades of paper this year.  The grades they will be making are Cover (blue with silver flecks),  Stationery (a buff color which will be used as the department stationery), Coaster (or beermat), and Folder (in four different colors).   The students' first trials on the #2 papermachine will be held next week with the first production run in early March.

As part of their learning experience, we welcomed four guests from two companies to give guest lectures to the students.  John Hawes and Justin Leder from Albany International gave a seminar on wet end clothing (wires) for papermaking.  Albany International is one of the leading manufacturers of machine clothing for the paper industry.

Rick Lull and Tom Sreca from Kadant Johnson (formerly Johnson Corporation) gave a two-day seminar on paper drying.  Kadant Johnson manufactures rotary joints, dryer bars, and other equipment for paper drying.

We are extremely grateful for the help these and other companies provide our students as they work their way through their senior year.

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