Monday, October 20, 2008

Joachim Award Winner: Keith Van Scotter

On Wednesday, 15 October 2008, the 2008 Joachim Award Winner, Mr. Keith van Scotter, spoke to students, faculty, and Syracuse Pulp and Paper Foundation Board of Directors members in the Varsity Room at the Carrier Dome.  Mr. Van Scotter is currently the President and CEO of Lincoln Paper and Tissue, a company in Maine that he bought out of bankruptcy and returned to operation.  It is currently a very successful company that provides specialized tissue and paper products world-wide.

Mr. Van Scotter presented how he and several others purchased and restarted the pulp and paper mill in Lincoln, ME after it went bankrupt and shut down.  He gave a compelling case for management training and understanding more than just the technical side of the industry.  Today, Lincoln paper is expanding its production capability through the addition of another paper machine.

The forum was attended by students of all grade levels from freshman (it was part of their PSE/BPE 132 course) through seniors and included graduate students.  The students benefit greatly from the interactions with the industry people that attend events such as these and the annual meeting of the pulp and paper foundation.

DSC_0012 Mr. Keith Van Scotter speaking at the Joachim Forum Dinner.

DSC_0009 The dinner portion of the Joachim Forum.

DSC_0001 Al Moore, Keith Van Scotter, Ellen Warner, Peter Jones, and Bob Kinstrey.

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